Additional Services

Tolerance compliant and dimensionally accurate coatings

  • Drillings, outside diameters, slits etc. are coated according to your specifications.
  • The advantages of each coating are crucial for tolerated dimensions.

Partial Coatings

  • No rework necessary for blank component areas.
  • No risk of workpiece damage through mechanical treatment after coating.

We cover the workpiece sections to remain free from coating. You will receive a coated component ready for installation with the requested uncoated sections for: electrical grounding points, EMC protection, optimal thermal conduction, etc.

Project support 

  • Support and technical consultancy in the early stages of your project.
  • Optimal coatings for your requirements right from the start.
  • The engineering is optimised for the best coating results from the outset.
  • No additional costs or time loss through multiple prototyping repeats.
  • The advantages of possible partial coatings already become apparent in the product development phase.
  • Tolerances are taken into account in due time.

Special final inspection / Packaging

Visual final inspection with discussion microscope: 6x or 32x enlargement

  • Customised packaging acc. to specifications.
  • Special cleaning and particle-free packaging.

Helicoil assembly

Reduce your lead time with coatings and subsequent HELICOIL® assembly.

  • You receive a finished component ready for assembly.
  • You can focus on your core competences and leave ALTEFCO to handle the C-part management in this area.

Cleanroom works 

  • The final cleaning and packaging of your components takes place in the cleanroom.
  • The parts leave our premises packaged ready for assembly.
  • This prevents any contamination during transport or intermediate storage.