15 good reasons for having your parts coated at Altefco

  1. Great know-how
    more than 40 years of experience
  2. Short delivery times
    optimised workflows and flexible working hours
  3. Adherence to schedules
    one of your particular strengths
  4. Flexible SME
    short chains of command, fast decisions
  5. Enthusiastic staff
    serving delighted customers
  6. State of the art operating equipment
    with monitoring and visualisation tools for flawless operation of all systems
  7. Competent consultation
    based on extensive professional experience in engineering and surface technology
  8. Faster information availability
    sales connected to the coating plants online
  9. Fair pricing
    base and unit pricing automatically result in bulk discounts for different lot sizes
  10. Optimal workflows
    thanks to proprietary software-assisted order processing for administration and production
  11. Comprehensive reporting
    all process-related data is recorded for all batches
  12. Tolerance compliance
    measuring systems, machine controls and workflows are optimised for it
  13. Partial coatings
    by careful, experienced and reliable specialists
  14. Process reliability
    database with integrated software solution controls and monitors coating plants
  15. Certified management system
    according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015