15 good reasons

15 good reasons for entrusting us with processing of your parts

  1. Large know-how — more than 30 years of experience
  2. Short delivery periods — optimised flow of work and flexible working hours
  3. On time delivery — one of our particularly strong points
  4. Flexible small-sized company — short organisational structure, fast decision-making
  5. Enthusiastic personnel — in order to serve enthusiastic customers
  6. competent technical advisory — many years of professional experience in engineering and surface finishing
  7. Observation of tolerances — correspondingly optimised measuring systems, machine controls and procedures
  8. Parital coating — executed by careful and reliable specialists with large experience
  9. Process security — due to database with integrated software solutions for process controlling and monitoring
  10. complete reporting — all data relevant for processing the production lots are recorded
  11. Optimal procedures — through inhouse developed order processing software for administration and production
  12. fast customer assistance — online connection between sales department and coating plant
  13. fair pricing — base and unit cost allocation automatically results in graduated prices for different batch sizes
  14. State of the art production plant — with surveillance and visualisation tools for trouble-free operation of all machines
  15. Certified management system — according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

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