Important information

important information

Coating thickness ALTEF® and ANOTEC® 15–70 µm depending on alloy (in spezial cases also thicker) Standard coating thickness = 40 µm (except EN AW-2XXX)

EMATEF® und EMATEC® 10-25 µm, depending on alloy

ELOX 5–25 µm, depending on requirements

Tolerance Coating thickness tolerance:
for wrought alloys +/- 5 µm (in thinner coatings smaller)
for cast alloys +/- 10 µm
final tolerance: machining tolerance + coating tolerance
Example: Bore 25H7 (0/+0.021)
-> Pre-machining dimensions for:
ALTEF® and ANOTEC® – Coating thickness 40 µm : 25 +0.045/+0.056 mm
EMATEF® und EMATEC® – Coating thickness 20 µm : 25 +0.011/+0.026 mm
ELOX – Coating thickness 15 µm : 25 +0.013/+0.028 mm
Further information Information on roughening, the layer properties in bore holes and on threads, partial coating, post-processing, bonding workpieces, tips on preparatory work and processing, as well as purchasing check lists can be requested at Contact.
Order information Procedure: ALTEF®, ANOTEC®, ELOX, ANOBOND® EMATEC®, EMATEF®
A detailed delivery note with the part name, part number and a drawing with all necessary information, such as the alloy, layer thickness, contact points, tolerances, areas to be covered, number of pieces and delivery date required
Delivery Parts should be delivered clean and free of grease. The delivery packaging is used to return the parts

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