• Tough non-wearing surface
  • Standard layer thickness in drilled holes and on threads
  • High anti-corrosion
  • Good heat and electrical insulation
  • Safe to use with food
  • Minimal friction without lubrication
  • Excellent lubrication
  • Safe to use with food
  • Easy to clean
  • Partially coated
  • Excellent dimensional stability

The very tough EMATEF® coating is extremely non-wearing with high anti-corrosion properties. Its Teflon treatment makes it non-sticky with a low friction coefficient. The surface of the base material is transformed into a ceramic layer, which contains titan oxide. Four fifth of the layer thickness “soak” into the base material, resulting, for example, in a 3 μm layer build-up for a standard layer thickness of 15 μm.

slides easily

largely corrosion

hard, durable

easy to clean

scratch proof

heat resistant

impact resistant

harmless to foods
partially coatable with tolerances coatable


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