• hard surface, abrasion- and scratch-resistant
  • largely corrosion-resistant
  • minimal friction without lubrication
  • exceptional sliding properties
  • excellent electrical and thermal insulation properties
  • easy to clean
  • suitable for food
  • partial coatings
  • dimensionally accurate coatings
  • coating can be dyed black (ALTEF ®-BLACK)

The incredibly hard ALTEF® coat is particularly abrasion-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-stick and boasts a low friction coefficient. The base material surface is converted to a ceramic layer with embedded Teflon®. ALTEF can be coloured black. Depending on the alloy, a coating thickness of up to 70µm can be achieved. Half the coating thickness ‘grows’ into the base material, which means an additional 20µm layer is created with a standard coating thickness of 40µm.

  • slides well

    slides well

  • largely corrosion-resistant

    largely corrosion-resistant

  • hard, durable

    hard, durable

  • easy to clean

    easy to clean

  • scratch-resistant


  • heat-resistant


  • dielectric strength

    dielectric strength

  • food-safe coatings

    food-safe coatings

  • partial coatings

    partial coatings

  • within tolerance

    within tolerance

  • good adhesion

    good adhesion