Do you injection mould or vulcanise elastomer seals onto aluminium parts? Our ANOBOND® coating significantly enhances the quality of this bond. The coating can be applied to almost all aluminium alloys. The ANOBOND ® -coating can`t be dyed.

ANOBOND® has been tested extensively with various elastomers and in sophisticated applications. The elastomer-aluminium bond is markedly improved as compared to common primers. Substantial improvements and a significantly longer bond durability were noted in all fields of application.

  • slides well

    slides well

  • largely corrosion-resistant

    largely corrosion-resistant

  • hard, durable

    hard, durable

  • easy to clean

    easy to clean

  • scratch-resistant


  • heat-resistant


  • dielectric strength

    dielectric strengt

  • food-safe coatings

    food-safe coatings

  • partial coatings

    partial coatings

  • with tolerances coatable

    with tolerances coatable

  • good adhesion

    good adhesion