• hard surface, abrasion-resistant
  • suitable for food
  • great thermal insulation properties

With special hardening

  • largely corrosion-resistant
  • excellent electrical insulation properties
  • coating can be dyed black (ANOTEC ®-BLACK)

ANOTEC® is an anodically generated aluminium oxide layer of great hardness which protects aluminium materials against wear and corrosion. The base material surface is converted to aluminium oxide. Half the coating thickness ‘grows’ into the base material, which means an additional 20µm layer is created with a standard coating thickness of 40µm.

  • slides well

    slides well

  • largely corrosion-resistant

    largely corrosion-resistant

  • hard, durable

    hard, durable

  • easy to clean

    easy to clean

  • scratch-resistant


  • heat-resistant


  • dielectric strength

    dielectric strength

  • food-safe coatings

    food-safe coatings

  • partial coatings

    partial coatings

  • with tolerances coatable

    with tolerances coatable

  • good adhesion

    good adhesion